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Hear what just a few of our patients have to say about their visit(s) after seeing Dr. Jody Knapp:

“Dr. Knapp keeps my lower back unlocked and pain free.  I am continually comforted by his knowledge, expertise, care and concern.  Dr. Knapp and his staff are all professional, friendly, and they make me smile.  I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Knapp to friends. His advice is persuasive and yet gentle. He is a skilled health care provider.”

-Karin B.

“I am a patient of Dr. Knapp's and I find him to be a very caring person.  He keeps me in perfect order for a 75 year old woman. I also find the staff caring and cheerful. I would recommend Dr. Knapp highly".

-Marilyn S.

 "I have been treated by Dr. Jody Knapp for many years of his practice.  He has been successful in eliminating severe pain in my upper and lower back area where surgery was planned to take place in April of 2008.  I cancelled the surgery at that time.  With his help, a "maintenance program" has been successfully implemented; and follow-up visits carefully recorded... No surgery planned.  Dr. Knapp and his office staff have been professionally knowledgeable and helpful to me at all times."

-Rita D.

"I see Jody twice a month to keep my body from being overly out of alignment.  Jody is very thorough and spends the time he needs to help me.  The light atmosphere of the staff and Jody are also what keep me coming back. Thank you all."

-Mary Ellen P.

“I can’t sing enough praise for Granville Chiropractic. Jody Knapp and his staff are great!  Jody has not only helped me better understand how my body works, he discovered an undiagnosed abnormality that’s been a contributing factor to my chronic lower back pain. He has added stretches to my exercise routine that are specific to my problems and has identified daily work activities that aggravate my condition.  Jody then continues to find creative and inexpensive ways to work around these tasks while still performing my job. I owe my continued employment to Jody’s services.  Granville Chiropractic is a great team and are committed to making people feel better.”

– L. B.

Having used chiropractors for decades, we felt we died and went to heaven upon meeting Jody Knapp.  There is not a time that we go for an adjustment that we are not impressed with his knowledge of the body.  His adjustments leave us walking straighter and feeling so well balanced in our 70 year old bodies. Megan is so welcoming.  We are always suggesting him to friends, as we feel so much better under his care. 

 -Julie & Andrew B.